Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a work (barely) in progress.

I've been in contact with a possible subject for my final project - a hairdresser who is in her 50's, and is separated from her husband. They are in the process of getting a divorce, yet her husband is already living with someone else. It fits the classic scenario, the only issue is that the woman isn't dating yet. She's a very interesting subject, and she would consider doing the story. I think my focus would shift slightly, but I think it would stay close to my initial theme.
I know it's crazy that I haven't made a move yet and started shooting, but for whatever reason it always takes me some time in the beginning to get over my fear and just submerge myself in the story. But I in the upcoming weeks I will dedicate myself fully to this.
In the meantime, I've considered continuing to work with my previous subject, and bridging the story from a job profile into a more comprehensive character profile. Although ideally I want to expand my experience and work with a new subject, I'm still open to continuing this story as well.
I shot these the last time I was with Susan, and these photos would kind of work as a transition from her work life into her personal life. She received flowers from someone she had just started dating, to total fascination and excitement of the children, who gathered around her while she was putting the flowers in a vase.

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