Wednesday, October 26, 2011


For my job profile assignment I decided to do a story on Susan Levacy, a childcare provider of 18 years. I spent the past two weeks in Susan's home, shooting video for my first micro documentary as well as stills for this projects. When I shot video, I didn't take any stills, and when I took stills I didn't focus on video, because I wanted to dedicate myself to each to the fullest of my abilities.
Shooting the stills for this project was probably one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had while shooting, not just because I was surrounded by adorable children that were more than camera ready, but because I really felt that I was taking my time to carefully compose my shots. I really tried to stick with situations until I got the shot I wanted.
The interviews for the project were slightly more challenging. My first interview didn't go as well - there was a lot of noise that was picked up - nervous hands rubbing in front of the mic, or fingers tapping on the table, etc. But knowing that I was going to do another interview I wasn't as worried, since I would have the opportunity to correct my mistakes. For my second interview, I made sure to point out those issues to my subject before starting the interview. We talked more in depth and covered many different aspects of Susan's work and her relationship with her job. What I chose to focus on was the more visceral connection Susan has to childcare - her reasons for doing it, why she enjoys it, and how it influences her life. For my micro documentary I chose a slightly more straightforward approach of just documenting a typical day in the daycare and all the rituals. So for this piece I wanted to focus on a more emotional aspect of the relationship with the job.
Overall, I'm satisfied with the way my project has turned out. Aside from a couple of technical glitches (mostly with sound), I think I was able to successfully tell the story I wanted to tell. While working on this project I realized my inclination to tell people's stories through their emotions, and their state of mind. I hope that I was able to successfully portray the deep connection Susan has to her job.

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